Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I Love June Gloom....

I love June gloom! After our 2.5 second Winter/Spring Season and the beginnings of the Summer heat...I LOVE the respite of June gloom. It's nice to wake up and take a deep breath of cool morning air and feel like I have a chance at being energetic before the heat sets in. Gosh, there's just nothing like opening the windows and filling my home with the fragrance of lavender!
With all the Fun and Colorful Summer designs which are available in stamps, inks and papers...you should be SMILING and CREATING all day long!
(we all know the dusting and cleaning can wait)

To help inspire you...Check out the samples from this weekends Demos:

On Sunday.....Super creative (and NICE) Nancy Johnson made the above projects using the book
"Beyond Scrapbooks" by Barbara Bourassa for inspiration. These projects deserve
your upclose and in-person viewing to be truly appreciated!

On Saturday...Sheila's demo focused on Memory Box Products : clear stamp sets, wood mounted stamps and paper pads...

These are definitely Fun, Cheery, Cute and Clever Designs!
(Sheila has the Magic touch!)

It's Graduation Time...
Do you have any graduates in your circle of family and friends?
If you do...we have an idea and a kit for you!
Designed by the mega-talented Marilyn Pace, we have Graduation Lei kits for $6.50...
get the kit ... add candy and money (you provide) ...and create this fun Lei for your Graduate!

Be sure to check the blog tomorrow. I will post pictures of some of Ginny's Gems.
but for now...off I go to design my page for this Saturdays "When The Cat's Away" Event.
Hope you can all come!!!!!
See you tomorrow for the Wednesday Make and Take...hopfully we will have some "Make, Take and Share" participants. (HINT...HINT...HINT!!!!)
Have a fabulous afternoon!
and remember...nice matters.