Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Going For The Pennant Challenge

Hello Everyone! You are all invited to participate in the latest Stamp Your Heart Out challenge:
Make your own art pennant! My demo on Mother's Day featured ideas and techniques to inspire you to create your pennant art that will be strung with other submissions and displayed in our store! This is a call for community expression. Imagine seeing your work united with other pieces, filling our haven with color, energy, and happiness.

How do I go about this? you ask. There are only just a few rules...
1) You must use an equilateral triangle as the base of your piece. One straight side plus two angled sides that come to a point. (Think of classic sports pennants.)
2) Your name must be included on the back. (So we can return your art to you.)
3) Include hang tabs on the straight side, or allow us to attach tabs for hanging.
4) Size: anything from 6" to 18".
5) Theme: there is no theme to this challenge. It is about you and what you wish to celebrate.

We are accepting submissions now through May 22. Please come to the store for inspirations or questions. This is not a contest, but an event designed to display your wonderful talents. I apologize for not including photos - apparently I'm not as adept at posting a blog as I am at gluing paper together!
We look forward to seeing you and your art soon.

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