Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tea Cups

Last week, Beth Butterfield was at the store to teach one of her very popular torn paper collage classes. Look at the beautiful results created by her students.

by Amy

by Kris

by Sharon

by Shelly

by Tracy

Aren't those lovely? Torn paper collage is so much fun and Beth is a wonderful teacher. Every student always finishes their piece and comes away having learned a new artistic technique. Beth will be back in April so be sure to stop by the store to see a sample of the upcoming class.

Make someone happy...


  1. What creative pieces...each unique, full of color and life. A teacher who can inspire such work is, as we used to say in my family, a pearl of great price. Thank you, Sheila, for sharing the art with us.

  2. These are seriously CUTE! What a neat idea and I am so glad you guys are sharing them on your blog, thanks!