Saturday, August 6, 2011

We Love Lucy

Happy 100th Birthday to Lucille Ball! Our favorite funny lady of all time...we just love her...

Have you all seen the Google home page? What fun...change the channels to watch some Lucy highlights...I am a die-hard Lucy fan and have been known to rearrange my schedule so I can be at home to watch my favorite episodes even though I have seen them all a million times...I would love to know what your favorite episode is...leave a comment for the opportunity to win a little prize from me...

Make Someone Happy!


  1. Good Morning SYHO!

    My favorite episode is the one when Lucy & Ethel were working at the candy factory.I used to think my dream job would be to work at See's Candies so I could eat California Brittle every day.

    Dorothy C.

  2. It's a toss up for me. I love the candy factory. But I also like the episode when they were making wine. And Yes, working in the See's candy factory would be a good one too!

  3. Wow! I am a die-hard Lucy fan too and watched the whole marathon on tv this weekend! I love all the Hollywood episodes, but my favorite is the one where Lucy meets Bill Holden and lights her (fake) nose on fire. Rumor has it this was Lucy's favorite episode too. We all love Lucy!

  4. Of course, I have to agree that my two favorites are the Candy Factory and the Wine stomping. Nothing has ever been as funny as seeing them stuff those chocolates down as fast as they can. When I want to zone out, I put an episode on, even though I have seen them all a zillion times.

  5. Hearing my daughter laughing while watching the Lucy show was reliving all the great episodes! Favorites like the candy factory, alias See's, and "Lucy Does a TV Commercial", priceless!

  6. Too hard to pick just one! They were all good.

  7. I LOVE LUCY! my favorite is a toss up between the superman episode ( When Superman shows up for little Ricky's birthday party) and the John wayne Episode ( when John Wayne ended up signing a bunch of cement for Lucy to replace the one she stole from the Chinese Mann) Lucy has brought joy to me from when i was in 2nd grade. I have always loved her show and still do. And like the rest of the fans, I have seen all her episodes a million times. But it still makes me laugh to this day.

    Olivia Castle