Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shoes that Fit

I have never had to go without shoes. (Have you?)
I have always had a selection of tennis shoes, sandals and dress shoes. (How about you?)
I have shoes in my closet that have rarely been worn. (I'm thinking this is not only wasteful, but possibly sinful!)

Are you aware of the many people around you, who may not, or do not have shoes?
Did you know there are hundreds of children, in your own backyard, who need shoes!

Shoes That Fit is a wonderful organization that provides new shoes for Children who are in need. And it is one of our Favorite Charities!!!

For several years our customers and friends have helped by donating shoes, socks, school supplies, tooth brushes, small toys, sweet treats, backpacks....the list goes on and this great effort.

The campaign to gather donations is once again under way and with the state of the economy
as it is, the need is even greater.

On Wednesday, a gentleman came into the store inquiring as to how he could help. We are accustomed to local residents and regular customers helping out....but this gentlman was neither. He read about Shoes that Fit, saw our name listed as the place to come for information and used his day off work to drive to Claremont from Riverside to help! This wonderful, Good Samaritan, having no idea where we were located, parked his car and began walking up and down the Village streets until he found us!!! He did this in the 100 degree weather! His goodness has warmed our hearts! (Yes! I have added his name to my list of NICE people.)

We are so very GRATEFUL to all who take time from their own lives to help improve the lives of others. Your GENEROSITY is so appreciated! Your GOODNESS is INSPIRATIONAL!

If you are able to help in any way, PLEASE DO.

I truely believe that Unconditional Charity is the truest form of Love.
I know you will be blessed for your kindnesses and good deeds.

Thank you so very Much!
remember...Nice Matters!


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