Thursday, May 5, 2011

Do You Pinterest?

What in the world is Pinterest, you ask? Well, I will let you discover it for yourself. But be forwarned, it is very addicting...we take no responsibility for what you do or don't do as a result of lurking around this fabulous website. Just Google Search 'Pinterest' to get to the home page. Then view the categories that interest you...we like 'Gifts' and 'DIY'. Go check it out and leave a comment on our blog about your favorites....

Today I found these great 'rubber stamping' crafts...Simply wrap yarn around a wooden block to create a unique 'stamp'...

And from Martha Stewart herself....buttons hot glued onto to wine corks to make mini 'stamps'...

I made a bunch of those and will bring them into the store so you can try them out...yes, they really work. How pretty for a simple background on a tag, or ATC card. Pretty neat, we think!

Make Someone Happy!


  1. Cool idea! I'll have to put this on my "to do" list.

  2. The buttons glued on much fun is that? Sort of like the (I think it still exists) Penscore, if that is its name, the foam blocks you heated and pressed stuff into them to make stamps...I did buttons, among other things. And Pinterest...any uncommitted moments or hours could just be lost there. I probably need to stay away. xo