Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cynthia and Tim

It is no secret that our Cynthia has a serious thing about Tim Holtz...she really is crazy about him and his fabulous products, so she is the perfect one to share with us some of her favorite 'Tim' projects...

The 'Weathered Clock' die used as a this!

The 'mover and shaker' word dies...'friends', 'family', 'journey', 'dream'...

A clever use of the 'Artful Dwellings' die...turn it upside down to create a banner!

A pretty folded paper cone...

The demo aftermath...can't we all relate to this!

I thought I was over my paint chip obsession but apparently not.. just had to share these with you...

There might be a Make n Take inspiration from these. Come by the store on Wednesday and see for yourself!

Thanks for stopping by...

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  1. Nice post Shelia but I think you are hooked on the paint chips ! Love the ideas the poka dots are my favorite for today. lol
    v lawton

  2. Ahhhh, more Tim stuff......Wish I had been there. Does Home Depot and Lowe's have lookouts posted to spot you??? Great stuff!
    Mary Sweet

  3. The "demo aftermath" looks like my craft room, only neater.
    M. Sweet

  4. What a great idea - making a banner from upside down little houses! Can't wait to see it in person.

    Dorothy C.

  5. Sheila ~ Outstanding idea on the paint chips! I'm trying it out today! Love ya ~ Sissy