Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Very Special Day!

Happy Birthday Joan! We wish you a wonderful day!

With lots of love from your Stamp Your Heart Out family and friends!

(check your email newsletter for a gift for you from Joan)


  1. Joan, wishing you the very happiest of birthdays and many blessings,peace, joy, love of family and friends throughout the year.


  2. Joan....
    Lindsay here! I LOVE you... got your message and it made me cry! Thanks so much for all your kind words. Ditto to you... amazing, creative, beautiful, magical and all the rest!!! Have a happy to you!

    Lindsay Ostrom

  3. Joan, Happy Birthday again!!!! I just celebrated the 20th anniversary of my 43rd birthday last month. I hope you have had a wonderful day!!
    Mary Sweet

  4. Joan,

    Hope you had a GREAT birthday! Thanks for the gift from you to your customers. It was a nice surprise.